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Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp. is an independent testing, certification and regulatory approvals management firm.

We provide services in the areas of: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Radio communications, Telecommunications, Product Safety, Lighting and Energy Efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How is a field complaint on a Safety Certified Product handled?

1) In the case that a person or party wishes to issue a complaint regarding a BACL safety-certified product, they may send their complaint to the BACL Quality Assurance Department using QA@baclcorp.com.

2) BACL will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours.

3) The result of any investigation into the complaint, as well as all steps towards the issue’s resolution, will be communicated via email to the person or party that initially lodged the complaint.

4) If the results of the investigation are determined to be necessary to share with the public, BACL will issue a public notice through the appropriate media outlet(s).

Question: What equipment cannot be certified by a Telecommunications Certification Body?

Answer: As on February 24, 2011, the document "628591 D01 TCB Exclusion List v12r01" identifies equipments that are excluded from being certified by a TCB. Please click on the following link to get a copy.


Question: Can a grantee permit users, professional installers or authorized service dealers to set the RF parameters or conditions of operations for an approved transmitter by setting country code, or other software configuration controls to ensure compliance; and is it sufficient to provide in the users manual a statement similar to: "WARNING: Select only the country in which you are using the device. Any other selection will make the operation of this device illegal."?

Answer: According to the FCC, the answer is no. unless the device is approved as Software Defined Radio or has received specific FCC approval.

"594280 D01 Software Configuration Control v01" provides guidance on restrictions on software configuration for devices not approved as Software Defined Radios. Please click on the link to get a copy.


Diclaimer: The information is from the FCC website.

1. Industrial Canada published the following revised standard on February 26, 2011.

RSS-123 Issue 2 February 2011 - Licensed Low-Power Radio Apparatus

An electronic copy can be downloaded from IC website by clicking the following link:


2. The FCC provides a guide for equipment authorization applications for Section 15.212 Modular transmitters in KDB996369. You can obtain an electronic copy from the FCC website by clicking the following link:

996369 D01 Module Certification Guide v01r01