EPA ENERGY STAR® Program and CEC Program

  • BACL is an U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved testing laboratory for lighting products. Our scope covers a wide range of products including:

    Energy Star LM80
    Luminaires - Fluorescent (Non-directional luminaires and subcomponents)

    Luminaires - Fluorescent Ballasts

    Luminaires - Fluorescent Lamps
    Luminaires - HID (Non-directional luminaires and subcomponents)

    Luminaires - HID Ballasts
    Luminaires - HID Lamps

We are also a registered California Energy Commission (CEC) testing laboratory.

The expansion of our energy testing programs is another good example that we focus on providing one-stop service to satisfy clients' testing requirements in every area.

Please contact our friendly Sales Team for information or request information from our Compliance Experts for technical inquiries.